4 Ways to NaturallyAvoid Ear Infections

By Dr. Andrew Hall

In Overland Park, a lot of parents are seeking help for their kids when it comes to dealing with ear infections.
They are surprised to hear that we have helped lot of children when it comes to dealing with the symptoms related to ear infections.
In fact, the #1 reason why parents bring their kids to our clinic, WellSpine KC, is ear infections. And we see great results.

So I decided to share some of the things that we tell parents in our office to help alleviate some of the symptoms from ear infections and help decrease the chances of the child developing ear infections in the first place.

# 1 Less Sugar

Most parents don’t know this: sugar destroys parts of the immune system.
High fructose corn syrup, found in sodas, candy and many processed food products (check the ketchup in your pantry, it’s probably a main ingredient), actually destroys white blood cells.
White blood cells are one of the key components of a healthy immune system.
All sugars have a negative effect on the immune system, so dramatically reducing the amount of sugar your kids eat will not only help boost the immune system but will give them better energy, make them less fidgety, help them sleep and avoid unnecessary weight gain.

# 2 More Sleep

Sleep is a superpower!
Quality sleep is an absolute requirement for a healthy child.
Do you have a constantly grumpy or anxious teenager? A kiddo that is having trouble concentrating during school? A child that is constantly sick and catches everything? Put. Them. To. Bed.
Mood, concentration levels, pain levels and yes, healthy immunity are all linked to sleep.
Our bodies regulate hormones during sleep, process learned information from the previous day and increases the immune response to foreign invaders.

Your children need lots of sleep.
Between the ages of 3-12, they need 10-12 hours per night. The average teenager needs to 10 hours per night.
Based on circadian rhythms, the most important hours for kids to be sleeping are between 10pm-2am. This is when the body and the brain are achieving the deepest levels of REM and doing the most repair.

When in doubt, go to bed!

# 3 Start Supplementing with Vitamin D

The British Medical Journal published a paper in 2017 investigating Vitamin D and its effect on immunity against respiratory infections like the common cold, and coronaviruses-a family of viruses that cause colds.

The results show that taking a moderate dose of vitamin D daily or weekly helps to protect users from respiratory infections. Vitamin D also aids in hormone regulation, increased energy, and cancer-fighting.

Unsurprisingly, vitamin D supplements were most helpful for study participants who started out deficient in the vitamin, but the supplements can help even those who aren’t.

Most of us are deficient because of winter and poor diet. We recommend a dose of 1,000 to 5,000 IU daily. The less bodyweight your child has, the less amount they need.
Adding Vitamin D can not only help decrease the chance of getting ear infections, it can also help fight off colds, the flu, and ‘winter blues’.

# 4 Spinal Check ups

One of the reasons we have had such a great track record in helping kids deal with ear infections is that often times, it is a spinal issue, specifically of the upper part of the neck, as well as an immune/ear issue.

Chiropractic has a long history of helping kids deal with ear infections. Like I said, it is the main reason parents bring their kids into our office.

The reason why is quite simple: your nervous system runs everything in your body, including immunity, the muscles of the neck, and the inner ear. If the nervous system is compromised, those system can’t work the way it should. Therefore, your child is more susceptible to ear infections.

Chiropractic adjustments are safe, non-invasive, and are very effective when it comes to helping kids with ear infections.

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