Is Chiropractic Care the Answer to Your Insomnia?

There is something of an ongoing sleep crisis in America. More than thirty percent of Americans have suffered from short-term sleeplessness at one point or another, and about one in ten reports long-term insomnia. The importance of proper sleep cannot be overstated– your night’s rest can make or break your performance the next day, and if you get poor sleep night over night, the associated problems will only compound. 

However, signs point to developments in the chiropractic field that make promises about relieving insomnia and instantly providing relief and rest. And even better, places like WellSpine KC deliver big on these guarantees.


Poor Sleep; Its Effects and Causes.

Consistently poor sleep, like a tenth of Americans suffer from, leads to a breakdown of healthy habits, a lack of impulse control, cognitive and athletic function, and even weight gain. Insomnia has been linked to such conditions as heart and gum disease, as well as many other chronic health issues, and with such a large section of people struggling with this, it very well could be affecting you or your loved ones. 

Lack of proper sleep can be caused by a great number of things, but the main causes are linked to physical and emotional stress. Be it hard labor, a hard office chair, or even a hard mattress, our surroundings shape (and misshape) our bodies and can lead to pain. Stress at home and at work can similarly manifest itself in our posture and cause pain throughout ourselves, in every major joint and pathway. It’s no wonder then, that many of us are finding it hard to get some well-needed shuteye with all this tension we carry with us into bed.


Chiropractic Solutions for Your Chronic Pain

Luckily, staff at Chiropractic Offices like WellSpine KC are putting into practice immediate solutions to these very serious health problems in their patients, and they attack it from a variety of different angles.


The Facts

More than a third of patients report immediate positive results after a chiropractic adjustment. For those who just can’t seem to catch a break from their sleep cycle, instantaneous relief is a dream come true. But it doesn’t just stop there.

Not only do chiropractors in Overland Park such as Drs. Liisa and Andrew Hall begin implementing real solutions on the table. Still, they help their patients implement habitual and environmental changes that will make sure that those first good results will continue, and only gain momentum. 

Definitive diagnoses followed by immediate treatment and the formulation of a full recovery plan including take-home exercises and custom orthotics for posture correction help alleviate nighttime pain.


Types of Pain, and Their Treatments

Headaches, be they shooting pain or pounding pressure, are amongst the most common pains that doctors see in their chiropractic offices, and they stem from the usual suspects; injury, stress, and illness. Staff at WellSpine KC will diagnose these factors with expert care, take patient history, and use state-of-the-art imaging technology to choose the correct patient care– often a blend of chiropractic and massage techniques with take-home exercises.

Swelling, herniation, and misalignment of the vertebrae in the back and the neck are also common sources of pain, and they are the bread and butter of a modern chiropractors’ office, where patients can rest assured that their physician is coming into the room with years of practical experience in both soft and hard tissue treatments. This is no time to delay. The hour to deal with back and neck pain is now! 

Nerve impingements, or subluxation, when a nerve is either pinched or under undue pressure, cause serious pain, and doctors deploy all means of advanced medical imaging to diagnose and prescribe treatment right away.

Drs. Hall and their entire staff are committed to breaking the cycle of emotional and physical stress with actionable treatments that start in the doctor’s office and continue at home in the form of stretches and exercises for every level of fitness.  There is no good reason to live with pain. Reach out to WellSpine KC in Overland Park to begin living a pain-free life!

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