Enter the Holiday Season as Prepared as Possible With These Simple Steps

The holiday season is upon us! This means seeing loved ones, festive meals, music, parties, and vacations. But it also means risking running down social battery, plenty of stress from cooking and cleaning, poor nutrition, sleep, and plenty of alcohol and travel. Our bodies go through a lot in order to allow us to celebrate this magical time of year. It’s no stretch to say that somewhere between Christmas and New Year you’ll find yourself wondering when you’re gonna be able to finally catch your breath. 

Well, WellSpineKC is here to help. In addition to their top-notch in-office chiropractic treatments, they also know a thing or two about prioritizing self-care and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Let’s explore ways to manage stress, plan ahead, and provide you with energy, strength, and patience that will last you all the way through Groundhog Day.

An Important Disclaimer!

It’s critical to always remember that you’re here now before the holidays, and you’ll be here after. It’s true if you go to every block party and  hit every house with your kids while trick or treating. It remains so even if you just have intimate family dinners, with chestnuts roasting at fireside. Come Springtime you’ll be able to look back with joy and folly at whatever kind of season you had. Therefore, take a breath and remember that as long as you are intentional and present, the goodness of the season will be upon you no matter what. Now let’s get to the practical tips to manage stress.

Be Forgiving to Yourself

Plenty of people enter cycles during the holidays of binging big, and regretting it, leading to restrictive eating habits. This can start a cycle many people find distressing. While consistency is important for health, emotioanl balance is so much more so. If your mother has prepared a Christmas roast, there is no reason to punish yourself by skipping because you had too much eggnog the night before. Enjoy yourself from moment to moment, and not only will this lead to being more present, it will also help reduce guilty feelings. This is a time of savor and enjoyment, and you should never be afraid to do just those things.

Get a Head Start with Supplements

Poor sleep and diet are staples of this time of year. Late-night parties and plenty of sweets can leave your body yearning for proper nutrition and care. Supplementing your diet with vitamins is the perfect way to make sure your mood and energy stay consistent. Doing this makes sure you don’t end up sick on the fifth night in a row of latkes and applesauce. 

Supplements like Vitamin D help promote restful sleep, Vitamin C and Zinc will help improve your immune system, and B12 can help improve your energy as the days get shorter and shorter. Using these supplements is a great way to handle the underlying causes of holiday fatigue, and it’s a recommended step for almost everyone. Talk to us about what supplements can be beneficial for you.

Be Mindful in Your Free Time

Not every day is an office party, and thank goodness for that! Non-stop events, banquets, and meals can leave you feeling overrun. That is why it’s important to schedule time to recuperate and to be mindful of your health on days when demands aren’t being made on your social schedule. Be conscientious of your eating habits, and plan your meals out in advance so you don’t find yourself foraging for leftovers in the pantry. 

Menu planning results in more nourishing meals that leave you feeling satisfied longer, and offset the kind of “empty” foods that you find at a holiday party snack bar. Choosing one or two days every week to detox is essential to feeling your best. Browse holiday meal planners like these and take control of your habits during your downtime, so that you can be energized and ready for celebration.

Dealing with FOMO

F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) is a staple of yuletide. Your calendar is full, and at some points overflowing. How can you see everyone, and make everyone feel cherished and important? Do you go to your parents’ for Thanksgiving, or to theirs? Do you go to the office Halloween party, or to your best college bud’s? Feeling like you’re getting pulled in a million different directions is a common sentiment. If this gets the better of you, it can leave you feeling like you’re missing out no matter what you commit to in the end.

The trick here is thankfulness and mindfulness. Common sentiments for the holidays, but ironically, also tricky to keep in mind when the stress mounts. Appreciating where you are, being present and mindful, and cherishing all that you have in arm’s reach is the key to letting the things that are out of reach go. Be happy with their parents, and value the time you are privileged to spend with them. Know that your boss will throw another office bash next month for Christmas, and revel merrily with an old friend.

Don’t Stop Your Healthy Routines!

The holidays are interrupting enough, don’t let your healthy routines suffer! With all the parties, dinners, and other events, it can be hard to stick to those habits you’ve worked so hard on this year – especially when you’re feeling exhausted from traveling! Don’t hit the drive-through just because it’s easy… a little bit of meal planning ahead can go a long way to keep you on track. Make sure you have ingredients on hand, so you’re not reaching for processed foods. 

There is no need to deprive yourself of your favorite holiday treats, but make sure you’re exercise routine doesn’t suffer! Exercising can not only improve your health, but it’s a great mood booster when you need a break from the holiday blitz. 

Keeping your same sleep schedule is vital in many ways as well: it keeps your mind and body functioning and helps regulate your emotions, moods, and more. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your physical and mental health will suffer. Stick to those bedtimes as close as possible, and you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the next party.

Happy Holidays from WellSpineKC

All of us here at WellSpineKC are invested in you living your best, most pleasant life, and managing stress is the first step. With these tips and tricks in mind, it’s time to go! Enjoy the holidays, enjoy drinks with friends and rich meals, late nights out, and great big family get-togethers. Go out and have a jubilant season, and manage your stress accordingly. From our hearts and into yours, have many happy holidays!

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