9 out of 10

Yes.  You read that right.

9 out 10 Americans say that they suffer from headaches.

It’s the NUMBER 1 REASON people seek out help in our office.

(Nope, It’s not back issues)

Why?  Because we get FANTASTIC RESULTS  when it comes to people suffering from the symptoms of headaches and migraines.

Here is why.

Drs. Andrew & Liisa Hall explain why they get such great results with patient’s dealing with the symptoms of headaches and migraines.


As chiropractors we see patients who have headaches on a daily basis. Around 50% of people will report having at least one headache per year. Also, 4% of the entire world’s population suffer from headaches 15 or more days out of every month. It is safe to say that headaches are extremely common, but they are NOT normal! A headache is one of the many ways your body can tell you that something is not functioning properly, and must be addressed quickly.

Headaches persist as such a common ailment because there are many different sources that can cause headaches to occur. Emotional causes such as stress, anxiety, or depression can trigger headaches, as can existing medical conditions like high blood pressure or infections. Even environmental factors such as the weather can trigger headaches for some! The most common headache problem seen in our office, however, stems from physical or mechanical dysfunction. This can be through injury, nerve irritation, spine dysfunction, or muscle issues like trigger points. Our doctors are trained to address these types of headaches directly, but can also assist you in making lifestyle changes to combat headaches of other origins.

Like any problem that is causing pain, it is essential to find the root cause of headaches. Many times, headache problems aren’t actually coming from the head, but rather from the neck. Muscle, joint, or disc issues can trigger headaches, so it is important to distinguish which type of headache you have so it can be managed appropriately. If there is a physical problem causing your headache, there is no pill or shot that will fix that headache. Our doctors specialize in techniques that will address these types of headaches and get you feeling better faster!


We take a personalized approach to each patient and spend the extra time to try and discover WHY your headaches/migraines continue to happen.

We use safe, drug-free and clinically proven methods and we have helped THOUSANDS of patients with these issues.

Drs. Hall explain why we take the extra time with each patient.


How We Treat Headaches at WellSpine KC

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

Any encounter with a new patient in our office begins with an in depth consultation. As doctors, we need to get to know you and your story, and how you have gotten to this point. This history is crucial to understanding your condition and helps us determine the best way that we can help you. If you present to our office with chronic headaches, for example, we want to find out how those headaches are interfering with your life. This helps us to set appropriate goals for your care.

During the examination we will perform orthopedic, functional, and neurologic tests to help us find the cause of your headaches. This ensures that we put together the right treatment plan for you so we can meet your goals and improve the quality of your life in the process

Specific Chiropractic Care | Overland Park, KS

As chiropractors, we specialize in finding and correcting subluxation. This is a problem that occurs when a vertebra (bone in your spine) moves out of its normal position and causes irritation to nerves in that area. When nerves are irritated, they become symptomatic and can be painful due to inflammation. Correcting subluxation allows the nerves to function properly and the body to heal itself.

Many times, people with headaches have subluxation in the upper cervical spine (neck). The nerves in this area emerge from the spine and travel up the back of the head. When these nerves are irritated, one of the most common symptoms they cause is headaches. Through specific chiropractic care to this area, nerve interference can be removed, and nerve function can be restored. For many, this will fix the headaches they are experiencing almost instantly.


When it comes to getting to the root cause of the problem, our testing is very important! Check out why an X-ray can tell us so much about your problem.

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Common Types of Headaches in Overland Park, KS

Tension Headaches

As previously discussed, there are many different types of headaches that people can get, and one of the most common that we see at WellSpine KC is tension headaches. These headaches cause a mild to moderate achy pain that feels like a tight band around your head. They are commonly felt in the back of the head, which is caused by increased muscle tension in this area as well as the neck. If you experience tension headaches, it is important to have your spine and muscles checked for any dysfunction that could be causing your condition.

Migraine Headaches

Another common headache presenting to WellSpine KC is migraine headaches. These headaches can be more complicated because they have multiple possible causes and different presentations. Migraines can also symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and/or sensitivity to light and sound. In some instances, migraine sufferers may experience an “aura” either before or during their migraine episode. An aura can best be described as a visual disturbance such a blurred vision, wavy lines, or flashing lights.

The pain from migraines can either be throbbing or pulsing, or in some cases extreme and debilitating. They have the potential to drastically decrease a person’s quality of life if left untreated. Migraines can be cervicogenic, meaning they originate in the cervical spine. It is wise to have a chiropractor check your spine and nervous system as part of your migraine management plan.

Sinus Headaches

Sinuses are air filled cavities in the skull. Their primary job is to produce mucus that protects the lining of the nose from bacteria and harmful organisms. When our sinuses get inflamed from either infection or allergies, they are unable to drain properly. This is a common occurrence that causes sinus-related headaches.

These headaches cause a deep, uncomfortable pressure feeling behind the eyes, cheeks, and forehead. The pain is typically worse when you bend forward because it increases the pressure on the sinuses. At our office, we use a combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy to help decrease the pressure and help the sinuses drain more effectively. This provides relief and helps people get better faster.

TMJ Headache

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ for short) is the hinge joint known as your jaw. It is the joint that allows your mouth to open and close. If you have TMJ dysfunction, headaches can be a common symptom that follows. This type of headache is usually felt on the sides of the head, causing a deep ache in this region. TMJ headaches can be very uncomfortable, so it is important to address them as quickly as possible.

Whiplash Headache

At our office, we see many people who have recently been in auto accidents. One of the most common injuries these people have is due to whiplash, in which the head moves quickly back and forth as a result of impact. Whiplash headaches can be particularly painful because they involve both the head and the neck.

The pain of whiplash headaches is typically at the base of the skull, and it is exacerbated by moving the neck. This limits your range of motion and can decrease your ability to do your work, chores, or hobbies. Through chiropractic care, soft tissue work, and corrective exercise, our team can relieve your whiplash symptoms and get you on the road to recovery


What about my neck?  Could my neck and neck pain be causing my headaches/migraines?

Maybe.  Here is how we find out.

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Because of our combined 30 years of Clinical Experience, thorough New Patient Discovery Process, state-of-the-art testing and our personalized care, designed for each patient specifically.

But don’t take just take our word for it!

Here are just a few testimonials of patients who have received fantastic results when they came in dealing with chronic headaches and migraines.

Kristina was dealing with daily migraines, fatigue and general aches and pains throughout her whole body.  Check out her story!

Stacey was waking up with migraines and dealing with a lot of sinus congestion.  As a mom and someone who works full-time, it was a real struggle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a chiropractor in Overland Park, KS good for headaches?

Definitely! Chiropractors are trained to identify the source of headaches and guide you through the proper treatment protocols to correct the cause. The Chiropractors at WellSpine KC have helped thousands of headache sufferers in Springfield and the surrounding areas get their lives back on track, and they can help you too!

When should you see a chiropractor for headaches?

As soon as possible. A headache is a sign that something in your body is not functioning properly. It is important to be evaluated promptly so your condition does not worsen. Starting care quickly can help you feel better and get back to doing the things you like to do and need to do in your life.

Is massage or chiropractic better for headaches?

Both massage and chiropractic are great ways to treat headaches both naturally and effectively. However, they are even more effective when they are both utilized in the same treatment plan. Addressing both the muscles and the spine allows for optimum function and a greater capacity to heal properly. 

Can getting your neck adjusted help with headaches?

Absolutely! Many headache-causing problems actually originate in the neck, so addressing that problem through chiropractic care can certainly bring relief for those suffering with these types of headaches. Many times, the relief is instant!


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