Mental Health Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

It’s not uncommon that if you have back pain, a good friend might recommend you see a chiropractor. What’s less likely is that if you’re feeling stressed, tired, and overworked, that same friend tells you to go get your neck adjusted! But it’s only true, and the good doctors at WellSpineKC know too well that the origin of stress and exhaustion is found in physical pain and discomfort. 

Your body is like a vehicle. It takes you where you need to go, and does the things you need to do. If you’re taking a lemon on the roadtrip of life, any of the regular challenges of day-to-day living become that much more stressful. If you’re driving a new car, freshly tuned up, everything becomes easier. Even facing real challenge and adversity is more manageable if your body is working for you. Let’s take a look at the mental health benefits of chiropractics and how it can help you accomplish exactly that.

The Benefits

Seeing a chiropractor is an immediate solution to chronic problems, giving on-the-spot relief. Patients often report feeling an increase in mental clarity right away. When all the mental clutter that is pain is suddenly wiped away, perspective, patience, and critical thinking all become more accessible to you. The relief when a WellSpineKC chiropractor addresses the issues they’ve identified right there in the office is unmatched, and it’s the first step in building a stress-free lifestyle.

Ending chronic pain begins in the Doctor’s office but it also continues on. Take-home exercises and habitual changes are prescribed to keep the hurt away. Over time, the load of pain, and the neverending stress of modern life get harder and harder to carry. When that pain is suddenly erased, with the help of lifestyle changes, immediate medical intervention, and even custom orthotics, day-to-day living simply becomes more pleasant. You’re free to be the best version of yourself.

Getting chiropractic adjustments also induces the release of hormones in the body, like oxytocin, a powerful endorphin that stimulates our feelings of trust and love, making us better friends and partners. Other chemicals released are melatonin and sertonin, which help regulate your body’s reactions to pain and to stress respectively. So just the mere act of going to see a chiropractor can not only fix your ailments, but helps you manage those feelings better in the future.

And all of this pain relief, mental clarity, and internal calm of course leads to more restful sleep. The benefit of proper rest is incalculable. Just like how the release of endorphins leads to better levels of those same healthy hormones, so too does good sleep beget better sleep. Sleep is a key ingredient in stress management, mental clarity, and physically feeling your best. 

The Mind/Body Approach

All of this is building somewhere, and that is towards the “Mind/Body Approach.” Being mindful of the small things like your posture or your gate is built through calm introspection, not pain. It’s nearly impossible to focus on the position of your neck when that same neck is hurting you so bad that you can’t even think. In eliminating stress through chiropractic techniques, space is made for the mindfulness to fix your symptoms at the source. It offers an opportunity for you to be aware of the minutae of your body, and take control. 

Modern life is overwhelming, and our bodies need to be in top-shape to lead us safely through. There is no good reason to live with pain or excess stress, so reach out for a consultation with a WellSpineKC specialist today and start down the path of mindfulness and calm.

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