Let’s get stronger and healthier together, naturally!

What sets us apart…

  • State of the art Digital X-ray, one-on-one consultation, and 3-D Posture Scans to show you EXACTLY where you are at with your health.
  • A combined 21 years of experience in the field to know HOW to help YOU get well and stay well.
  • Ongoing in-office health education along with an extensive body of work (articles, podcasts, workshop videos) covering healthy lifestyle topics.
  • Healthy Living Workshops that are included with your care so you can learn the best strategies to STAY WELL.

Drs. Andrew and Liisa explain the new patient process and what sets them apart.

  • Convenient early morning and evening appointments.
  • Non-invasive, spinal check-ups for young children.
  • Adjustments by hand using Toggle (Upper Cervical), Thompson, Gonstead, Diversified and Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) techniques.  We also offer Activator adjustments when indicated.
  • Extremity work for TMJ, sinus issues, hips, knees and ankles, shoulder, elbows, and wrists.
  • No referral or insurance necessary.
  • Affordable family corrective care plans offer easy to manage monthly payments.

How do we help sick people get well?


Aches and pains are signs that your body isn’t working properly. Your brain, spinal cord and all your nerves control your health and function.

Physical, chemical or emotional stress can overload your nervous system.  Muscles tighten, spinal joints lock and nearby nerves are choked or irritated.

With or without symptoms, the resulting nerve interference impairs bodily function.  A thorough examination helps us locate the source of any nerve compromise.  Applying a precise force to stuck spinal joints helps the body right itself.

Your health can return as Chiropractic visits restore nervous system integrity.  Today’s chiropractic care has helped millions of people; making chiropractic the fastest growing natural health profession.

Chiropractic care helps you get well and stay well…. for life!

Our Purpose…

to teach and lead our community in health and wellness through natural Chiropractic care.

Our Mission…

to create a community of 300 families who are committed to living life-long wellness.

What makes our care different than the standard medical approach, is that corrective and wellness chiropractic is not SICK care, it is HEALTH care: we focus on how to help you CREATE HEALTH. Health sciences are starting to understand that natural immunity, strength of body defenses and vitality play the most important role in being healthy.

Optimal Health Comes From Optimal Nerve Function!