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Kristina was dealing with daily migraines when she came to us. She is now migraine-FREE!

Martha came to us with neck pain, headaches and low back pain.









Sean was dealing with chronic headaches and low back pain when she came to us.

Stacey is a mom, wife and working full-time and she was dealing with chronic migraines and sinus issues.

Michelle was dealing with pain & symptoms from Herniated and Bulging Discs.

Check out how great she is doing!

Wes had back pain and neck pain that was affecting work, sleep and his golf game.  Now his golf game is awesome!


Chad and Renae were dealing with low back issues, low energy, high stress and sleep issues.  They have seen great changes and their kids have seen amazing results as well!  Listen to their story!

 Kristi: Chronic headaches/migraines, neck pain, arm pain, mid-back pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression.


Grady's Review


Deanna was dealing with Chronic Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain and Fatigue.  Check out her Great Health Changes!!

John's Review

Carly was dealing with chronic neck and shoulder pain and headaches.



Sue and Bill: Chronic migraines, neck pain, low back pain, low energy, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.


Diane & Brad: Chronic bodily pain, chronic asthma/bronchitis and trouble walking.


Dan: Chronic mid-back and shoulder pain, sports injuries and insomnia.









Anthony: digestive issues and low back pain.







“I decided to seek out Chiropractic care in November 2008. I was pregnant with my second child and I wanted to avoid the aches and pains I experienced with my first pregnancy. I also wanted the birth to be as smooth, quick and painfree as possible. Since I started getting adjusted, I have had a lot more energy with this pregnancy – which surprised me because now I’m also chasing after my 1 1/2 year old son all day 🙂 Also, Dr. Liisa has been able to help me with some specific pregnancy discomforts I was dealing with and they have all gone away – something my other doctors and midwives couldn’t help with during my 1st pregnancy. Our family loves Hall Family Chiropractic and we are so grateful that we can come as a family to be adjusted. Dr. Liisa and Dr. Andrew have been very generous with their kindness and support for our family :)”
Most Sincerely, Jen A.

Update: Jennifer delivered a wonderfully healthy and happy baby boy in 3 1/2 hours with a midwife at her home and stated that “It was the most amazing and enjoyable experience of my life. I know that it was absolutely because of my Chiropractic care that everything went so well.”


“When I first watched my brother get adjusted I thought that he just needed it because he hurt his back. I then learned that many people don’t have perfect spines. I got an x-ray just in case and it turned out that my back and neck were both a little bit crooked. It is fun to get adjusted. Once, I coudn’t hear well in one ear and Dr. Hall adjusted my ear (I didn’t know they could do that!) I could hear normal again after that. They also taught me a lot of things about health that I did not know before. I feel healthier and better knowing that my spine is improving. I’m glad that my mom’s back is improving and that my brother back doesn’t hurt anymore. Tonight we’re going to a health class. My family wants me to be healthy and eat right just like my Chiropractors do. I think everyone should get adjusted. p.s. Everyone there is really really kind. Aaron M. – 11 years old.

Immune Function:

“Chiropractic has saved me at least $80 a month in prescriptions I no longer fill for allergies! I have had seasonal allergies for YEARS and for the first time, I’m not worried about dust, dander and other everyday things. I never knew that my symptoms were the result of being subluxated and my nervous system not working properly. Also, I have had numerous tests regarding my constant nausea and my medical doctors could never find the cause. Now, I no longer have nausea, I have tons more energy and no low back pain. I can also focus and concentrate more easily. I feel fortunate to be able to say something I haven’t said for years… I feel great!!!
Sincerely, Stacey H.

Low Back Pain:

“I started Chiropractic care 8 weeks ago because I was experiencing shooting low back pain that prevented me from walking even short distances and from being able to change my newborn son’s diaper. My pain is now much less and gone some days, I can stand for longer periods of time, and can even walk the 2.5 miles to my daughter’s school and back. Honestly, I didn’t think Chiropractic would work. I was so desperate that I would have tried anything over surgery. Chiropractic has taught me more about my body, and nutrition and I am glad that I started. I am glad that this is an adventure to a healthy body.” Mary Jo. O.

“It has been 4 weeks since my first Chiropractic adjustment and I have no more back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain or neck pain! I feel happier, stronger, and even taller. The adjustments even helped control the symptoms of my bad stomach! Everyone should have Chiropractic care even it they don’t have spinal issues. The health knowledge I’ve learned here alone is a great way to keep myself in optimal health! Thank you Hall Family Chiropractic! Chris A.

“When I first came to Hall Family Chiropractic, I was experiencing low back pain, low energy during the day and a general sluggishness. Since I have been getting adjusted, I have noticed less low back pain, increased energy and I generally just feel good now. Something I did not expect was to learn so much about my body and how it functions; a regular rhythm and frequency is important when it comes to exercising and health care; and Omega 3s are important supplements for my nervous system. For me, Chiropractic has been such a positive experience and I love getting adjusted. In fact… my wife and I are both patients here and we have gotten our daughter, her husband, and our grandson to begin care too. WE ALL LOVE IT!” Sincerely, Gary H.


Dear Dr. Liisa and Dr Andrew,

I want to extend my thanks to you and let you know what a great decision I made in coming to you for care. It has been about three months now and it is obvious that my overall health condition has improved. In particular, my sleeping pattern has improved tremendously. I spent years struggling to receive a good night’s sleep and, my health was really suffering from sleep deficit. Due to your Chiropractic care, I now enjoy a good, full night’s sleep every night. This is an amazing, huge milestone for me and has made me especially appreciative of the Chiropractic care I receive! It is important to point out that for many years, various doctors have tried to help with my restless nights by prescribing an array of medications. These medications did not help at all and, instead brought on other, unpleasant symptoms/conditions without resolving my sleep deprivation.

Now, that I sleep properly every night and receive the nightly rest my body requires; my general health has begun benefiting. For example in addition to enjoying a full night’s sleep, I have noticed that my energy and concentration are starting to markedly improve. Naturally, I am looking forward to even more improvement in my general health as I continue with your Chiropractic care. From now on, Chiropractic will always be a part of my health care program.

Teresa C. Peabody, MA


“I was reading a local newspaper article about a new Chiropractic practice in Danvers and thought that their philosophy made sense: treat the patient as a whole, not just someone with a specific symptom. I also agreed fundamentally with the notion that the human body will heal itself if it is in proper working condition. I study at a local martial arts studio and am also an avid golfer. I was struggling with my hip joints and feet, some nagging neck and upper back soreness from an auto accident several years ago, and also sporadic lower back pain.

I asked my wife, Lorrie, an R.N. if she would join me for an initial consut. Lorrie had worked with two chiropractors before, one for herself and one for our son, without successful results, and was not optimistic this would be any different. However, very soon ChiropracticUSA’s (now Hall Family Chiropractic) different approach became clear. After seeing our x-rays and gaining an understanding of how and where our spines were misaligned, we were both convinced this sort of program was a good idea.

We are now approaching our 2nd full year with Chiropractic. I am happy to report my hip, back, and feet problems are virtually gone. I am able to do round kicks in karate again, something I had to stop altogether a few years ago. Even my golf game is better! Lorrie is also doing very well and is thrilled to see her spine and overall alignment moving in the right direction.

For anyone not under Chiropractic care, whether you consider yourself healthy, or just dealing with ‘normal’ aches and pains, or have physical concerns, I highly recommend that you get evaluated and then let the exam results help you decide how to proceed. You will have all the information that you need.”

Sincerely, Mike B.

Update: Mike is now a 3 time blackbelt in Karate and he and his wife Lorrie have been under Chiropractic care for nearly 4 years! Congratulations on your great commitment to your health 🙂

Drs. Hall,

Today, I reflected on my time at Hall Family Chiropractic. The time spent under your care was extremely positive and spurned further personal understanding of my health and what I can do to live well. I am looking forward to coming back when I can, but for now I can use the tools I learned at Hall Family and apply them when possible. Without your generosity I would not have the foundation for spinal wellness that I do today. I understand the importance of innate intelligence and without your welcome open arms and understanding of my financial situation I would not have been able to learn any of this. I look forward to seeing you around and am happy to know you two. Good luck with the development of your practice. You both deserve success.

Be Well,
-Michael M

Digestive Disorders:

“I have been getting adjusted for only one month and already I’ve noticed that my Crohn’s Disease symptoms have lessened significantly. I’ve been eating things for the past 3 weeks that I couldn’t for the past 5 years! My mom and my boyfriend have told me that I seem happier too which makes me even more happy to hear :)”
Many thanks,
Margaret N.

“I have had ongoing issues with digestion, specifically Colitis. After 13 weeks of Chiropractic care, my MD has told me my colitis is now “Inactive”, my body aches and pains are gone and I have a greater sense of well-being and self-confidence. I now stand more upright and my strength and stamina have also improved! I’m so happy I’m taking care of my health! Thanks, Anthony D.

Chronic Pain and Headaches:

“When I first came to Hall Family Chiropractic, I was experiencing constant headaches, restless nights, neck stiffness, and LOTS of pain in the mornings. Since I have been getting adjusted, I have noticed far less headaches, I’m sleeping completely through the night, waking up with much less pain in the morning and I feel less stiffness overall! Something I did not expect when I first started care was that I would feel so great so soon after starting my adjustments; I have only been adjusted for one month now! For me, chiropractic has also educated me on how amazing the body is, and how I should take better care of my overall health. Coming in for my adjustments has made such an impact on everything I do throughout my day. I thank everyone for being so kind, constantly teaching me and allowing me to live better! I am so glad I started getting chiropractic care and I recommend it to everyone!”
Sincerely, Angela C.

“When I first came to Hall Family Chiropractic, I was experiencing severe dizziness, neck pain and tightness, and poor posture. Since I have been getting adjusted, I have noticed that my dizzy spells went away very quickly and I already have more flexibility in my neck and back. I also no longer feel the need to take Tylenol! In fact, I can now sit for many hours at a time, for the first time in my entire life! Chiropractic has also helped me make better health choices about my diet, exercising, and my overall posture! THANK YOU TO ALL THE DOCTORS AND STAFF!”
Gratefully yours,
Susan H.

“When I first came to Hall Family Chiropractic, I was experiencing severe low back pain to the point at which I was in pain walking, sitting, sleeping, or doing any normal exercises. Since I started getting adjusted, I have had zero back pain and discomfort and I have not had a single headache since my first adjustment, which is the first time in 26 years that I have gone this long without one! Something I did not expect when I first started chiropractic care was that I would immediately have more energy even in the first week of care and nowI really just feel GREAT all day. For the first time I can just GO GO GO!!! This has been such a phenomenal experience and I will continue care for the rest of my life! I am looking forward to the day when I am no longer fixing old traumas and am just experiencing OPTIMAL HEALTH and life with just occasional follow-ups. Thank you so very much to Drs. Hall and the whole team!”
Most pleased,
Richard Y.

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